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On the 28th of November @ WORM in Rotterdam there is the screening of the film 'Hoe luidt het land' (How does the country sound) by Stelly van Voorst van Beest. This film is closely related to the topics of our workshop and will be worthwhile to check out! Best: Robert

the VLF audio work of Steven McGreevy

David Toop - "Sinister Resonance"

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Six Degrees of Similitude Texts


curly purr

hello everybody. this is my cat:



the child is the driver
gap road - gap road - gap road
all texture, like looking
through a dirty window
closing the curtains
will not keep out the ringing
of vast machines below

an inverted grave
is found hugging a pile of stones
my feet scatter pebbles
all over the traintracks

the resonating iron predicts
what is moving towards us
an array of pulleys
will set everything in motion
ah yes, here it comes
the summer breeze.
- AdW


A: cat purring
B: why is this a cat

A: automated carrier points coming to a point of disbelief
B: tunnels increasing lightspeed mayhem

A: underneath delicacy subject to pressure and release
B: air floating. determinate pitch antenna

A: antennas creating infinite strings of children
B: hissing diamond communicating to lunar codex

A: phased joints numeric hieroglyph standpoint aware
B: archaic transcription of what just happened

| the curly purr went thru the tail of connections and antennas to find itself
summed up / diminished into little / big clouds of sound powders and cross/ed spans.

De gong klinkt

een aurora van expanderende klanken
gevangen in het kader van de oneindigheid

van onder, van boven
van opzij, ik luister
naar al haar facetten
tot alles niets is
en vice versa.

ik luister.


flowering sounds of metal fill the room
from which vibrations ascend
warping into oval spheres
then unexpectedly end

regaining strength from scratch
through the universe with an edge
sharp as diamond can be
glowing northern lights to see

beyond our atmosphere a reach
on it's way to single point
the place where all expansion starts
pulsating through all of our hearts

there's a dot in the center, surrounded by concentric circles
they fade out
this is very precise
and yet it is also:
a random mass of waves
a chain of bubbles
reflecting surfaces echoing particles
metal sparks
unfolded spirals
ascending water
noise that scatters

A dry snap, reverbrating through my bones, it’s my ancle. Best to keep running, ignore the pain.
They were right behind me. Vincent and Michael, I knew they woulden’t like it when I did it, but it had to be done at all cost, even me running from them now seems like a small price to pay.
I couyld have picked a better spot to escape them though. My pink padded jacket doesn’t do much in the way of camouflage and this snowy mountain is bare, black treestumps sticking out of the virgin snow
I have the sensation of running on a giant’s unshaved chin.
I can still smell the fire that roared through here.
Everything looks dead and silent but it’s not, my feet are upsetting the snow with an enourmous racket, pressing out the air inbetween the loose flakes.
On a small scale breaking the snowy christals might sound like shattering glass but to my ears it sounds like thunder in this otherwise peacefull environment,
While running I look behind me but I can’t see them coming yet.
There is a crackling static in my ears, emanating from my overstretched eardrums,
I’m breathing fire, my lungs are wheezing,
in my eyeballs I see my heart beating, expanding my perifials shortly with each beat and what I see is distorted by pulsating stains on my retina, like bad video art from the nineties.
I’t s too much, I can’t hold out. I’ll just let myself fall here hoping I’m out of their field of vision,
The snow’s cold feels good to the side of my face and I watch the snow closest to me. Each flake becoming a separate organism, scuffling to find it’s spot with the perfect fit, making clinging sounds as they bump into each other.

There's a rumble in my heart
I can hear it expanding
like I hear your eyes,
green white noise in my mind.

There's a crackle in my dreams
I can hear it whistling
like unicorns' foot steps
ringing upon your scent.

There's a hum in my thoughts
I can hear it throw
like I hear your warmth
flames shattering on my skin.

There's an echo in my voice
I can hear it returning
like I hear your kiss
in little fragments of you.

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