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Binaural Beats
(I totally screwed up on the frequency ranges in my talk - sorry! here they are for real:)

40 Hz Gamma waves Higher mental activity, including perception, problem solving, fear, and consciousness
13–39 Hz Beta waves Active, busy or anxious thinking and active concentration, arousal, cognition, and or paranoia
7–13 Hz Alpha waves Relaxation (while awake), pre-sleep and pre-wake drowsiness, REM sleep, Dreams
4–7 Hz Theta waves deep meditation/relaxation, NREM sleep
0.5 - 4 Hz Delta waves Deep dreamless sleep, loss of body awareness

some info is somewhat suspect:

Gerald Oster - 'Auditory Beats in the Brain'


Film Sound

Sound Design

Ann Kroeber/Alan Splett (sound designers)

Eraserhead = trailer for film

Theory and Practice of Film Sound (book)

About the myth and tales about "Näcken"

Sinister Resonance - David Toop (book)

Spiricom Frequencies

Rorschach Audio:

Examples of EVPs:

Glenn Gould, The Idea of the North (1st part of Solitude Trilogy)
sound documentaries


Huge databank of sounds

Glenn Gould Radio Plays:

The Idea of North - Glenn Gould

Sonic Warfare (book)

Brown note

Books on Noise and Silence

One Square Inch of Silence

Beyond the Dial (book on EVP)

Breakthrough - (record) - Konstantin Raudive
Subtle Listening Pitea 2012

X-Orcism VST plug

Cosmonaut Voice VST plug

Extreme time-stretching

Blogpost from Harold Shellinx

Paul Stretch software (windows and linux)

Jodorowsky & Tarot

Jodorowski Interview

Constellation Jodorowski (parts 1- 4)


The swedish version - called Lumumma-Takete

Wolfgang Köhler / the originator of Bouba-Kiki /// Lumumma-Takete concept

"Locus-Solus" by Raymond Roussel

Coleridge poem discussed

Sound poem from Six degrees of similitudes

Björn Eriksson

Ljud droppar i cirkel,
vågor slår emot.
Brus inslaget i paket snurrar runt.
Bina i kupan försöker att komma ut, men bara tillåtet då och då.
Svärmande, surrande, pulserande
Gräset liksom örats hårstrån följer vinden och framkastandet av ljuden.
Halvmåne i resonans, skickar ut sitt sken
Månen mindre bakom havets horisont. Minnet och skenet dröjer sig kvar.
Fritt svängande. Stum. Fritt svängande. Stum.
Tolka. Ge bild. Ge ljud. Svänga med.

Circle drops

Sound dripping in the circle,
waves hitting the edge.
Noise packaged is spinning.
The bees in the hive are trying to get out, but only allowed occasionally.
Swarming, buzzing, pulsating
The grass and hairs in the ear follow the wind and the casting of the sounds
Crescent resonate, sending out her light
Moon disappears in the ocean. The memory and the glow lingers.
Free swinging. Damped. Free-swinging. Damped.
Interpreting. Give picture. Provide sound. Swinging with.

Rythmic Poem

From the jazz to the plopp
And the bell and the drop
Comes the crash and the squish
Play with toys and the noise
Dollarsign what a treat
It’s a street and the seas
Here comes line and the last
Splash of water and resign

Natalia Kamia

He woke up this morning to find a message in his inbox reading " We are sorry to inform you that your monthly checks are going to be withdrawn." The sun was on its way up behind the dull contours of the suburb he was living in the past five years, grinning maliciously at Thomas. He heard the sound of TV explode- some action film playing at the neighbours-in a cascade of cursing and cries to suddenly grow flat like a punctured air-balloon, leaving a hole in the space of his room that started filling with worries about unpaid bills and promises he has to break. They seemed to hover over a well-worn dark-blue rug and then fall down like snow-flakes of despair on the yesterday's dreams.

Thomas lived outside a big city with its underground, busy morning traffic, kids playing in the park, sea-gulls. The city was a beautiful machine spitting out clouds of smoke and metallic drones to rock him to sleep as he was drifting away on the waves of its sound into uncertainty packed inside that message.

Pictures of sounds by Jörgen Häll

The steady beat of two
disperse to random dots in our heads
Together, they try rising in an arc
but repeatedly stumble down
They try again and again and again
and again

Finally, two becomes three
and individually transforms
Above the humming sea
a blade cuts through
and separates the water
from a fog of grains

A buzzing sounds
and the sawing releases a broken bell
The air clears from the morphed ringing
For a moment the universe is quiet

Disparate waves of thousands
crackles and resonates
from the bodies of a million spheres,
which grow and cover each other

At the point of bursting
they disintegrate, one after the other
until nothing is left
of the steady beat of two

Frankenstorm - field recording

Akashic Records




Zeitgeist the movie

GeoSonics - a fork of Iannix

Alfred Korzybski

Zaragossa Manuscript

Active Imagination

Vegan Cookbook

Inception - iPhone app


6 Rules for Creative Sanity from Wilhelm Reich

To stay sane in an insane world as a creative man or woman he or she must:

Keep one’s life financially independent.

Continue unabated to exercise one’s power of creativity in concrete, strenuous tasks, always seeking perfection as near as possible.

Carefully cherish LOVE of a partner with full gratification, of the total emotional being if possible, of the body in a clean way if necessary.

Keep out of the trap of confusion by the average man and woman, helping others to keep out of the trap too as best they can.

Keep one’s structure clean like brook water through knowing and correcting every mistake, making the corrected mistake the guiding lines to new truth.

Never yield to the expediencies of life except where it is basically harmless or where the main line of development is not impeded for the duration of one’s life.

Jung's Active Imagination:

Music as Soul Medicine:

The Happiest Man on Earth:

this is the guy I thought Rasmus was referring to when he mentioned the company who made the Inception app for iPhone:

Ostranenie (остранение

collective meditation for social change:

First session in da house , Natalia K(spiritual telegraph project)
The filtered rec around 3.30 am is to be translated with the help of morse.

Random Krel. Unique tapes, beautifully arranged. "Divergent people don't like mediocrity…"

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