sGA - Istanbul Laptop Orchestra

welcome to my 15th sGA Emergent Content workshop

and the second one I've conducted in Istanbul

Thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm, hard work and willingness to take part in my experimental workshop!

I made a binaural recording which has some level problems here and there but I'll edit it and send it via Rapidshare or when I have it ready

be well and work hard!
contact me at if you ever want to:

basic schedule for the week:

10AM - 4PM - with a 1hr break for lunch around 1PM
stop time is flexible based on students other commitments

- Monday: talk on Emergent Content and simple genetic algorithms, download sounds, populate 'gene pool', breeding Gen1 + Gen2 if we have time

- Tuesday: continue breeding sound files

- Wednesday: continue breeding sound files, afternoon discussion about performance strategies

- Thursday: continue breeding sound files, further discussion of performance strategies

- Friday: final pass at sound files then set up for evening concert

please feel free to add any links or info here you wish to share with the group

UC Berkeley CNMAT
UC San Diego - CRCA
UC Santa Barbara - CREATE

Site where you will download sounds from:

a great free digital audio workstation:

Linux Audio distributions:

Istanbul Bilgi University Laptop Orchestra

Kerim Safa:
some of my personal audio/visual works

great book:

Hydrophone sound artist:
Jana Winderen

Composer-Guitarist-Producer Artist:

Tolga Zafer Ozdemir:


McGill University

Doug Van Nort

Society You Are Ugly

Some thoughts about electro-acoustic performance
- when designing a library you should always keep in mind what the final use of the sounds will be
- that being said, try to keep the 'engine' (structure) separate from the 'content' (soundfiles)
- this way you can work on the structuring algorithm separately from the content/sound design
- after carefully designing your sound library you probably don't want to take a sound and completely process it
- this would be like having a plate filled with intricate flavors of food and then drowning all of it in ketchup (tomato sauce)
- performance of a sound library can take many forms:
- real time interaction by mixing, layering and processing of sounds
- diffusion similar to acousmatic presentation (see: Pierre Henry, etc)
- there are many other ways of playing 'soundfiles'

An article I wrote for Create Digital Music

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