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This is also available at

*also, I put some mp3's on the workshop server by the composer Leif Brush

owen green:


check out my latest net release - it's free and comes in mp3 and flac flavors
'The Astrum Argentum': Kim Cascone:

.microsound list

and check out the microsound server for reading material and sounds:

interesting media art webzine:

cool tangible interface:

online collaborative music tool:

data is nature:

we are smarter than me:


Agostino Di Scipio's Audible Ecosystemic Interface

Argeiphontes Lyre:
(A pretty much unpredictable and totally silly processing app.)

also if you like weird, abstract OULIPO-like novels then check out this book:


TAPESTREA : Techniques And Paradigms for Expressive Synthesis, Transformation,
and Rendering of Environmental Audio

Auditory Group Theory with Applications to Statistical Basis Methods for Structured Audio
chapter 1 seemed the most interesting to me

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