On October 27th 1999, 5:01:33 GMT, the .microsound community was born

I have been getting a lot of response and interest from people all over the world about setting up some sort of event for the .microsound 10 year anniversary.

I am very pleased to see the community respond to this in such a positive manner.

As with all things microsound there is no need to get my approval for hosting an event any more than someone needs my approval to start a microsound community project.

If you have an idea please post it to the WIKI page I set up

or ask me to start a new page for your particular project/location.

microsound is about evolution — i.e. mutating and constantly changing shape and direction.

So in this spirit I'd like to have each project for the 10 year anniversary be self-sufficient and self-sustaining.

Local nodes connecting in a network and exchanging information and energy.

This year marks the 10th year anniversary of the .microsound list and I am scouting around for ideas to help celebrate this momentous occasion.
I've posted this on the Facebook .microsound page and have received some response to it.

Here are some blue-sky ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

please feel free to edit and add ideas below

- live events held in various locations - possibly simultaneous and linked

- stream live audio to an Icecast server

- interactive laptop collaborations between locations
->Doug Van Nort says:
I would like to propose a concert of distant collaborations where members create software pieces for ensembles of laptop players to play. I will gladly write such a piece for this. Could simply use Skype/iChat/etc or more sophisticated, with streaming out to online audience. Audiences at each site would be great. I would piggyback this on another concert if it made sense as well. Would be great to select identity and number of players for each piece from a random generator.

- .microsound web page containing pieces by list members

- desktop wallpapers

- T-shirt designs as .pdfs - freely down-loadable and iron-on

- video or animation projects reflecting the .microsound aesthetic posted to a web page

- writings/essays on microsound

- using the microsound archives as a source for creating work: text to sound, links, data-mining, etc

- web radio event

- circuit bending kits packaged in CD jewel cases

- patches, software apps, java web based sound apps

- RjDj .microsound 'scenes' (http://trac.rjdj.me/wiki/ComposerGuidelines)

- Second Life - virtual event

- beyond sound:
artwork (video, photographs, sculpture etc.) relevant in some way to
microsound and dedicated to its TENth birthday.
web-page entitled "TEN" exhibiting those.

- a collaborative composition that starts with a single sound, perhaps a recording of the number "ten" spoken in any given language. Contributors would create parts using this sound as a starting point. No holds barred for effects and editing but no additional sound sources to be used.

John Hopkins suggested via ether transmissions
'I think a live networked/streamed collaborative happening would fit the bill — linking as many microsound nodes around the globe as want to participate — I'll be in Sydney at that time, and would surely be able to arrange a local venue for a microsound dinner and transmission/listening fest…'

Pauline Oliveros suggested via Facebook:
'Why not make it a ten year project ending in a new celebration! Keep a sound going for ten years!'

RJ Valeo suggested via email:
'I could host a microsound showcase at my monthly event in nyc called 'the future is beautiful'. I would request that the artists perform live, as that is the aesthetic for the event. It is a monthly event that happens every second saturday. I can open the night for a round-robin style microsound event from 7-11. Perhaps you would curate?'

Paulo Raposo suggested via email:
'regarding the microsound celebration, maybe i could organize here a radio event within radiozero.pt
and we could set a streaming event with a couple of partners/locations more.'

OK that's all I can think of for now but maybe I'll start a wiki page and we can add to this and select the most feasible projects?

PROPOSALS for possible events

please do not link to one sentence on a page or a personal link with no information? thanks!!
- Austin
- Brooklyn
- Chile
- Brooklyn_Diapason_10ms
- Lebanon
- Berlin (Oct 31)
- Atlanta (Oct 10)
- Tokyo
- Vancouver
- Stockholm - (28 Oct)

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