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If you're going to be picking up in the afternoon, please note it here or email everyone to avoid any confusion. Thanks!

Week August 18

-Judy driving in morning; Judy picking up in the afternoon Aug 18, 20 and 21

Week August 24

-Kat driving in the morning; Judy picking up in the afternoon Aug 24 and 25

Week August 31

-Keith driving in morning

Week Sept 7

Monday is Labor Day
- Judy driving in the moring

Week Sept 14

- Kat driving in the morning

Week Sept 21

-Keith driving in morning

Week Sept 28

- Judy driving in the mornning


I'm assuming that bus information hasn't changed, but I'll try to verify that. I have discovered that there is a Sam Trans line that runs right after school that goes from Terra Nova to Pacific Manor (and beyond) without having to transfer. The 140 bus line stops at Terra Nova High School at 2:51 and 2:55 and gets to Palmetto and Manor around 3:10/3:15. I'm not exactly sure where all the bus stops are, but I believe it travels down Oceana and stops at Oceana/Manor. The route map indicates that it continues up Monterey. This could be a good alternative for the kids to take the bus home. The route map and schedule is available at []



I called Sam Trans and here are more detail on the stops for 140 (limited service - only 2:51 and 2:55):
2:51 - stops at Oceana /Milagra , then final stop at Oceana/Manor
2:55 - stops at Oceana/ Milagra, Oceana/Manor and final stop at Waterford/Monterey (closer to home for Justin and Katelin)

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